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One of a Few Atypical Internship Essay Examples You Should Check Out

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Usually, internship essays are pretty monotonous, hence making writing and reading them quite boring. Yet, some authors find more interesting perspectives on what to include in their works than just describing their duties and describing how it could help them in future careers. Below is one of such examples that could help you understand how to write an internship essay uncommonly by finding a wider angle.

How Internship at The Branch Opened My Eyes

The agency where I was taking my internship, The Branch, is a big corporation that supplies pharmaceutical drugs to many states worldwide. Since its formation in 1990, the company has been doing great, giving help to those unable to purchase drugs for medication. The Branch receives grants from many individuals and organizations to expand its operations and reach out to more people in dire need. Despite the noble purpose, the operations that take place in The Branch have been faced with a number of setbacks, and the management needs to be checked for credibility.

During my time in the company, I came to understand unethical operations that go on daily and affect the supply. Most of the money and the drugs are not being handled with the care that they should be given in the real sense. Most of the drugs are taken out to individual companies that sell them and rake lots of cash in the process (Mugumya, 2020). This has been a challenge for an extended period of time. Some of the money that should be used to take care of individuals needed are diverted to individual projects instead of using it the right way. The company that should have been the saving organization turned to be the wrongdoings' bedrock.

The urgency should have been in place to help all the individuals affected by different conditions all around the world. The children and the needy are the individuals that are underserved by The Branch. The Branch was founded with the aim of helping all the needy people around the world. However, the company has dramatically failed in reaching its goal when it comes to the capitalization of the provided resources, leading me to the conclusion that it should be turned down at all means.

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There is no end to which the company should go if the management is taken seriously to the point. Being on the verge of serving all the individuals that require their help, no one should be prejudiced. The system should stand to support the weak, not extort them in any way. It is great to set the standards in place, but they must be strictly followed, especially when it comes to operating donation money.

The challenges that are addressed by the company do have weight as they concern dozens of thousands of people. Yet, there should be more concern on addressing the preliminary magnitude who cannot take good care of themselves at a reasonable level. The newest interventions on dealing with the company challenges have been based on firing the corrupt staff that keeps embezzling the company's money, lowering its credibility. The Branch cannot serve best with the hidden motives that most individuals hold in their minds. Stricter control of the management and listening to the voices of frontline employees can bring better results and demonstrate loyal and responsible leadership. For example, employing more Spanish-speaking individuals can let the company reach a wider Spanish population in Burlington and other places to get more of them in their language setting.


The success of the given company depends on the leaders' desire to grow the organization that they control. Many individuals are involved in the process of galvanizing success in all aspects. The organization is made up of many bodies that support each other in the process, while the management must be controlled more strictly. Establishing transparent money allocation policies and clear reporting is vital for success when helping people in need.


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