Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from new customers:

How can I be sure of my privacy?

What is "Authorization"?

Where is my authorization code?

How can I place an order?

I just uploaded the information. When will you find a writer?

Do you have discounts?

What types of works can you do?

Do you complete online assignments?

How can I pay for my order after the delivery?

Do you offer the money back guarantee option, in case something goes wrong?

How much will my order cost?

What if my paper is plagiarized?

How can I be sure that a paper I pay for is unique?

What if I’m not satisfied with my paper?

Can you complete my order in MLA format?

When will my paper be ready?

Can I add additional materials to my order?

Are title and references pages free?

How will I receive my paper?

Is it possible to choose your best writer to do my paper?

Can I ask for a specific writer to complete my order?

What do I get with VIP customer service?

Do I need an Editor's Check?

Is the table of contents/outline included in total cost?

Questions from our regular customers:

I forgot my password! How can I log in?

Who will work on my order?

How can I check the understanding of instructions by my writer? Can I contact them?

When will you deliver my paper?

My order is late! What can I do?

I want to make sure my paper is completely original. Can I do that?

Can I ask for a revision if I’m not happy with the preview version?

I also need a professional abstract for my paper. Can you do that?