Why We Don’t Use Turnitin

What is Turnitin

Turnitin is a commercial plagiarism detection service used by schools, colleges, and universities to verify the academic integrity of their students.

Why We Opt for Other Alternatives

We don’t use plagiarism detection services offered by Turnitin because the company stores all submitted papers in its database, which is later used for the identification of plagiarized passages in students’ work. Therefore, if a paper is downloaded to Turnitin for the second time by either you or your professor, its algorithms will mark it as completely plagiarized. To avoid negative consequences of the 100% similarity index in the Similarity Report, we don’t use Turnitin. Instead, we check every work for originality with the help of WebCheck.

Our Guarantees

We guarantee that all assignments written by our writers are free from plagiarism. We check all papers with WebCheck, which is a powerful plagiarism-detection tool, thereby, ensuring that they are absolutely original. Rest assured that you will get quality work from PaperHelp.org 100% of the time.

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