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Best way to showcase yourself
Best way to showcase yourself
High quality from professional writers
High quality from professional writers
Highly personalized service
Highly personalized service
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Flexible and affordable pricing
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Unique error-free content
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Tight deadlines, fast delivery

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A personal statement is the ultimate expression of your identity. It is a yardstick of your worth as a college applicant. Here, you can buy a mesmerizing personal statement that will catapult you ahead of other college or university applicants. Our endowed writers will use their experience and exalted writing powers to craft you an unforgettable admission document. Once you order personal statements, our bright-minded authors will approach the process of writing in a probed and weighted manner. After a scrupulous consideration of your key qualities and attributes, the writers will entwine them into a cohesive narrative to persuade the admission committee that you are worthy of a scholarship. Use our professional help to improve your chances of being admitted to colleges located in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, and other English-speaking countries.

We’ve been in this business for more than 10 years and helped thousands of college/university applicants. It is really easy to benefit from the dynamic interplay of our experience and skills. All you have to do is to place an order. Buying a personal statement online should be your preferred answer to the challenges of college admission madness!




Being on the cusp of studentship is a thrilling moment for a young person. When a personal statement is the only thing that stands between you and whirlwind parties, new friends, better life outcomes, and other items in the exciting package of a college student’s life, you better write it well. Being beckoned by promising educational opportunities, high school students fidget in their chairs for hours trying to write a perfect personal statement. A sizeable percentage of them quickly discovers how difficult the task is. Only a few college applicants go through the process of writing without any snags. But those are rare, genius types that belong to the museum of human achievement rather than to college. The rest of us who do not soar above the humanity eliciting awe with unmatchable powers of cognition need some help.

Once you contact us saying, "I need help writing my paper for the personal statement", you are bound for a tremendous academic accomplishment. Let us show this to the admission committee.

Buy Personal Statement Now!

Why You Should Order Personal Statement

An admission committee is a stern and uncompromising group of professionals that elevates a small number of chosen applicants while overlooking others. To ensure that your introduction to the committee, by means of a personal statement, results in an interview, you must be prepared. You need to open your application document with all guns blazing, forcefully asserting your accomplishments and value as a student. The committee needs to know that you are ready to charge toward a degree, that you are ready to conquer. And, above all, that you have enough authentic humility to admit your shortcomings and work on overcoming them. You won’t do it matter-of-factly. Personal statement writing is difficult. In fact, it is so difficult that only 4 to 8 percent of college and university applicants are being admitted to desired institutions. Do you want to get into the lucky group of applicants? If so, then you should order a statement from us. It's a fact proven by years of experience: when you buy personal statement from a professional writer, you increase your chances of being called to an interview.

Yet, let’s say you’ve decided to write a personal statement on your own. How are you going to do this? Most likely, you will seek online tips and guides on the nuances of admission writing. A hysterically bad idea. Internet tips are wonderful sources of wisdom that have a teeny-tiny flaw – they suck. Even though web articles might nudge you into writing, which is a good thing, they might also mislead you into producing a formulaic, trite piece, which is a disastrous thing. Nothing repels the admission board more than unoriginal personal statements. If you want to capture its attention, you have to break the walls of conventionality. Without years of writing experience behind your back, it is a tall order. Luckily, we have the necessary experience and expertise. When you buy a personal statement from authors, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

So, what does this all amount to?

  • Personal statement writing is a challenge that exceeds your skill set.
  • Some challenges are best left to professionals.
  • We are the professionals you need.

Our writers’ creative artistry cultivated by years of practice allows them to craft brilliant personal statements.
Do you want one?

Buy Personal Statement Now!

Buying a Personal Statement Online in Three Steps

Our hassle-free ordering procedure has been put in place to ensure that your purchasing experience is as smooth as possible. We’ve worked long and hard on it to eliminate needless clicks and steps. The fewer steps, the better, right?

To buy a personal statement, do the following:

Step One

Fill out an online form. To minimize delays in order processing, include the essential information about you and a personal statement you need: number of pages, deadline, level, etc.

Step Two

Pay for the personal statement. You will like our checkout process because we use popular payment options.

Step Three

Contact your writer and let them know about your achievements, aspirations, and other details that you would like to see in the personal statement. Then, just wait.

Well done! Now you can download your personals statement from our website.

Personal statement writing requires just as much self-censoring as self-expression. You need to know exactly what to include and what to omit from your admission document. Let us do it for you.

Buy Personal Statement Now!

Our Freebies

When you buy personal statement online, or purchase coursework, or request help with report writing or any other academic piece, gives away ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE:

  • title page,
  • reference page,
  • plagiarism check,
  • formatting.

Our degree-holding writers always overdeliver. But if you want, we will make up to THREE FREE REVISIONS for you.

Our Guarantees

Buying a personal statement from us can secure you a place ahead of your competitors. We also guarantee you:

Superior Quality
Personal statements we write are characterized by the persuasive tone and impeccable grammar. We are a quality-focused company, which is why you should be prepared for a favorable response from the admission committee.
Unique Content
We have formidable plagiarism screening systems in place. Not a single copied sentence can escape our notice. Therefore, when purchasing a personal statement from us, you are guaranteed to receive 100% unique content.
Responsive Customer Support
The superior execution of all orders comes with respectful and responsive customer support. We are here 24/7 for you.
Responsive Customer Support
The superior execution of all orders comes with respectful and responsive customer support. We are here 24/7 for you.
Generous Credits
We show our appreciation for your choice of our company by showering you with generous credits.
Unique Content
We have formidable plagiarism screening systems in place. Not a single copied sentence can escape our notice. Therefore, you are guaranteed to receive 100% unique content.
Generous Credits
We show our appreciation for your choice of our company by showering you with generous credits.

College admission is a defining moment in your life: you will either get an offer or a rejection. You need something more than blind luck. You need us.

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Mick G.
At school, I thought that only losers buy a personal statement for college application process. Yet, when I discovered all the nuances of personal statement writing, I thought – screw it, gonna order it from someone who knows how it's done. As I have a history with PaperHelp, the choice was obvious. And it paid off big time!
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Jamaal P.
I'm not from US, so when it came to entering American college, I started considering how to increase my chances. One Reddit user suggested that someone should write application papers for me and recommended where to buy personal statement – at PaperHelp. That's how I came here and that's how I got in!
order 650909379
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Leigh J.
God knows, I tried. I really tried to wade through innumerable details of crafting a personal statement on my own. After yet another fruitless attempt, I admitted that it'd be much more effective to buy a personal statement online. PaperHelp experts got everything done fast and perfectly. Thank you, guys!
order 215029427
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Aurora G.
Woooo-hoooooo!!!!!!!! I'm at Cornell University now!!!! THANX, guys!!!! I somehow knew that buying personal statement from you is the right thing to do!!!!!
order 995108427

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