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Not many students pride themselves on being good writers. But even those who write well experience difficulties with crafting literature reviews more often than they would like to admit. Although the writing of such reviews is an inherently creative pursuit, it offers only a few avenues for creativity and requires a rigorous and non-personal approach to the task. The best literature reviews highlight key findings of a piece, identify possible inconsistencies, and provide a constructive analysis of its direction. Thus, students should know well indispensable elements of literature review writing and be able to employ objective, impersonal language. Naturally, a large percentage of college-goers struggles with this kind of assignment and looks for the external help.

Literature reviews are structured discussions of published texts. Often, they feature an analysis of several dozens of sources within a particular subject area. Thus, the task of literature review writing is woefully time-consuming. Is it a surprise then that students want to outsource it and google “where can I buy a literature review”? To remove the major drain on your time while getting the best possible results, order our professional help. Here, you can order both a standalone literature review and a part of a larger project such as a thesis, proposal, dissertation, article, or report. We will find the most pertinent sources and thoroughly summarize and analyze them for you.

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Why You Need Literature Review Help

Literature review is a complex writing task that calls for a uniform structure and a deep knowledge of the subject area. Unlike an annotated bibliography, the entries of which are listed in chronological or methodological order, the literature review’s content is structured thematically. Thus, the student writing a review should clearly understand the major connections between the key concepts of each source as well as their relationships with other sources. By seeking writing help from professional writers employed in our company, you spare yourself the trouble of conducting extensive research of literature, synthesizing many sources, evaluating, and citing them. To better understand the complexity of the writing process, consider major steps our experts take to accomplish the mission:

  1. Find a Theme

    The writing revolves around certain ideas, rather than the sources themselves. Thus, you have to read widely within the study area to come up with an overarching theme for the review.

  2. Review the Literature

    The next step is to conduct a thorough literature review using at least two online databases. Make sure to select sources that reveal opposing trends in the field.

  3. Evaluate the Literature

    Evaluate and synthesize the preselected literature sources according to theories, results, and employed methodologies. Look for patterns and emerging subtopics. Note conflicting findings and points of view.

  4. Develop a Working Thesis

    To keep the review focused, develop a working thesis. The thesis might either be a summary of the major trends in the body of literature or the description of the main organizing principle of the review.

  5. Organize the Review

    The review can be organized based on the most important trends within a body of literature or the most influential theories.

  6. Write the Body of the Literature Review

    Once the sources have been organized, start developing the body of the review. Follow the chosen organizational framework and make sure that each section contains sources that reflect the points made.

  7. Revise and Proofread

    When the first draft of the literature review is finished, take time to revise and polish it. Double check the referencing of consulted works to ensure that the citation style if followed thoroughly.

As you can see, literature review writing is a demanding task that necessitates a rigorous approach and dedication of considerable time and effort. Make your academic life easier by placing an order right now!

Who Will Write My Literature Review

It is not uncommon for our customers to say: “For me, the quality of a literature review matters more than its cost.” It means that if you want to pay someone to write a literature review, the chances are that you are looking for a real professional. Luckily, our writing team is staffed with experts only. Consider their key characteristics:

  • Education

The writers we employ hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees from top-tier higher education institutions in the US, the UK, and Canada.

  • Experience

We only hire writers who have at least three years of experience in this line of work. The extensive experience helps them to quickly pinpoint wide thematic implications of the reviewed sources and incorporate them into a literature review.

  • Integrity

Knowing that integrity is a key quality of our writers instantly puts our customers at ease because they are sure that their personal information will be secure. Furthermore, the students know that honest writers will never undermine their trust by plagiarizing thoughts or words of others.

  • Speed Reading

The writers employ effective speed reading techniques to quickly process a large number of materials required to write a review. The skill comes in handy when the customer’s deadline is short.

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