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Meet Our Helpful Extras: What They Are, When You Need Them, and How to Request Them

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You come here to get the best assistance possible from the most qualified writers, yet sometimes you need a bit more. More urgency, more attention to details, more assurance of quality – more service. It’s time to talk about our extras that help you fine-tune our paper writing service and make it fit you like a glove.

Although “extra” may sound like something non-essential, akin to a bow on a box with the present inside, these services can be crucial, depending on the situation. In fact, they are pretty popular with our customers. Check out the diagram of the most requested extras in the order stats post I’ve done recently.

What Are the Helpful Extras?

Helpful extras are services that you can additionally request when you place the order. You can see them suggested when you fill the order form and find a complete list with explications on our Prices page. However, I felt you might want to learn more about them. That’s why I decided to talk about them in detail and explain when you benefit from each extra to the fullest.

Preferred Writer Category

Hands-down the most requested extra, this one indeed offers unparalleled value. We have three writer categories at PaperHelp: Basic, Advanced, and TOP. By default, you are assigned a writer with suitable qualifications from the Basic category – at no fee. Basic writers have passed the proficiency tests and submitted their college credentials, but they are not necessarily very experienced.

Whereas Advanced/TOP writers have been with us long enough to have garnered a following among our customers. They have many successfully completed orders and high satisfaction ratings to prove it. You may want to request an Advanced or a TOP writer to work on a vital project, like a thesis, dissertation, or coursework that significantly impacts your GPA.

Another way you can use this service is by requesting your previous writer. You like their style, you have rapport, you trust their expertise – the reasons are many. This request is free per se; however, there are two caveats:

  • If your writer is Advanced or TOP, the appropriate fee will be applied. Please note that your writer might have been promoted to the next category since your last order.
  • If your deadline is within the next 24 hours, the fee for the preferred writer applies since your order will be given priority over other less urgent orders your writer currently has.

Plagiarism Report

Your second favorite is the plag report. I must stress that we always check every paper for plagiarism before delivering it – that is the mandatory part of the quality assurance procedures. However, if you request this extra, we will enclose a full plagiarism report with all the statistics to your order.

You might want to add this extra if you need to be absolutely sure how much cited text your paper includes. Some schools or instructors put a cap on the percentage, even if all the quotations are properly attributed.

Please note: this extra can only be added to your order (writing or editing). You cannot request this extra alone for a paper you’ve written independently.

VIP Customer Support

VIP status will get #1 priority to your order. The main value here is the time you save. Think of it as a fast line and priority boarding at the airport. VIP orders are bumped up at the top of the queue and are handled by the specially designated team, so they are processed twice as fast as the standard order. For example, you will be assigned a writer, and they will start working on the paper much earlier. Moreover, all your requests get immediate feedback from the support team.

That may not seem much, but for urgent orders, that’s vital. That’s why I recommend adding VIP customer support to your order with the same-day deadline.

Sources used

This extra will supply soft copies of the sources used by the writer for your paper: PDF files, screenshots, and links to web pages. Please note: the price for this extra is indicated per 1 source, so if you have requested 5 sources, you multiply it by 5.

I must clarify that your Bibliography list (References) is free, and you will always get a sample complete with full citation info. However, if you need access to actual sources in full, you should request a “Sources used” service.

That’s a very handy extra if you plan to continue research in this direction and would like to use these sources for another paper or just for studying. Alternatively, if you need to put all the quotes in context and want to understand the theory behind the write-up better, so you can freely discuss it and answer questions like, “How did you come to this conclusion?” with appropriate confidence. You will get it without the hassle of going to the library, subscribing to scholarly databases, or buying paper books.

Abstract Page

An abstract page is another popular service, especially for more extended research papers and theses. Required by some formats and instructors, it gives a very concise summary of your work and helps readers remember the key points of your paper later. In fact, APA Publication Manual calls the abstract “the single most important paragraph in your entire paper.” Indeed, it is usually formatted as one paragraph, about 6 to 7 sentences long (150 to 250 words).

However, since it isn’t an integral part of the paper, we have it as an option you can add by request. It saves you a lot of time in reading and summarizing. After all, who can tell in very few words what the research is about than the actual author? Request an abstract page if required by the assignment details or if you want to get a gist of the paper via the terse explanation.

Editor’s Check

Editor’s check is for the times when you must be 100% sure the sample you receive is flawless. We assign the most nitpicking obsessive editor to comb through the paper after it is submitted by the writing expert, so you receive the draft that is the fairest of them all.

I would recommend this extra for high-stakes cases: college and scholarship applications, promotion requests, and course papers with a lot riding on the result. As Brian Bloch, a journalist, academic editor, and lecturer at the University of Muenster, points out in his piece for Times Higher Education, “Poorly written work […] creates a bad impression, is there to stay, and can come back to haunt authors.” Raise your hands, who wants to be haunted by a poorly written research paper. Anyone? I thought so.

Please note that this is an extra service you add to your order. If all you need is editing/proofreading of your piece, you should instead choose “Editing/Proofreading” as the “Paper Type” at the very beginning.

Table of Contents/Outline

This extra will furnish your paper with an added list of all the chapters and sections – all formatted and numbered precisely the way they should be depending on the style guide you’ve chosen. Again, just as it is with an abstract page, some assignments require it, some don’t. That is why we have made it optional and available at request.

Take this extra if your assignment specifies a table of contents or if it’s so ridiculously long you need a roadmap to find your way through it. Most research papers and theses will benefit from it.


Request this extra if you need charts as illustrative materials to accompany the text. They will make large quantities of data easier to understand than just blocks of text. Andy Morris, an AI/ML strategist, who worked for Intel, IBM, Oracle, and Apple, also stresses the persuasive power of charts. “A compelling chart can help you make your point more convincingly and lend credibility to your presentation,” he says.

So if you want to make your paper more accessible and compelling, or just to make sense of the complex relationships between parts of the data yourself, I advise you to request this extra.

Please note that the price is indicated per chart, so if you need several charts, say three, you will need to multiply it by three.

When Do You Need Extras?

Well, when DON’T you need any of them? Okay, jokes aside. They are called “extras” for a reason, and of course, you can do without them in many cases. However, for most high-stakes assignments, they add so much value. To recap, request the extras, when:

  • your assignment details specify it (abstract page, table of contents, charts, etc.);
  • your order is urgent (VIP service);
  • the sample is so voluminous you need help navigating it (table of contents, abstract, charts);
  • this is a high-stakes assignment (plagiarism check, editor’s check, preferred writer);
  • you want to be persuasive and compelling (preferred writer, charts);
  • you need to excel in this topic (sources used, abstract page, charts).

I hope I clarified anything that wasn’t wholly evident before. However, if you still have any questions about the extras, don’t hesitate to ask our incredible support team – they will be only too happy to assist you!

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