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How to Join the PaperHelp Writer Team and What to Expect

join the paperhelp writer team

We are always thrilled to welcome talented creative authors and experts in exact sciences to our writing team. After all, it’s the squad of true professionals that stands behind the awesome papers we deliver to our customers daily. Maybe, you belong among them?

The career of an academic ghostwriter is not something that comes to mind in the first place. However, if you give it a second thought, you might spot a plethora of advantages this job has, namely, a high demand, flexible schedule, and the ability to gain writing experience in any topic you want.

Below is a brief yet detailed guide to applying for the PaperHelp essay writer position. You can also find out what to expect during your first days after joining our team. Here we go!

  1. Prepare a Resume and Reach Out
  2. Update a resume you already have or craft a brand-new resume tailored to the position you’re applying to. Focus on subjects and areas that highlight writing experience, position-specific skills (for example, knowing MLA and APA citation styles), command of English, your fields of proficiency, and academic credentials. It’s only natural that our priority is hiring writers from English-speaking countries, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. However, bi-lingual and ESL candidates with fluent English are also welcome.

    Once you are ready, get in touch with our managers. The best communication channel you can use to deliver your message is, self-evidently, email. Send your resume with a brief cover letter and accurate contact information to and type “WRITER APPLICATION” in the subject field. Optionally, you can attach a couple of sample essays to show off your skills.

    We cannot name the exact response time, but it will definitely be as short as possible. In case your resume impresses our recruiters, they will send you step-by-step instructions on what to do next.

  3. Get Ready to Be Put to Tests
  4. Okay, you’ve caught our attention; now get ready to prove you are really worth it!

    For starters, we might ask you to send us a photo of your diploma, certificates, or other documents that prove your academic credentials.

    Then, you will be handed a tutorial that contains information about the basics of academic writing, citation styles, avoiding plagiarism, and specifics of working with PaperHelp. Later, you will be tested for how well you’ve learned the material.

    Next, we will test your writing and creative skills. To this end, you will need to craft a short essay within a limited time and then develop a 1-2-page essay on a given topic according to the MLA or APA citation style. In both cases, topics are selected within the fields of proficiency you stated in your resume. This will allow us to evaluate your grammar and writing expertise.

    Finally, we might invite you to an interview. Somewhere at this point, you will discuss decent compensation for your work; this issue is approached individually, depending on your test results and experience. Or if by that time you will have shown that you are as good as your CV, we might bypass this step and start working with you right away! You should also know that due to the specifics of the industry we operate in, all communications and tests are performed online for speed and safety.

  5. The Final Push
  6. In case you successfully deal with all the challenges we have thrown at you up to this very moment, you will have one final step to make – probation. On this step, you start off under the supervision of designated managers who will be monitoring how you process orders, communicate with clients, and effectively manage a workload to meet deadlines. Typically, it takes around a month and 10-15 flawlessly complete orders to finalize probation. By “flawless” we mean full originality, writing quality, timely delivery, and compliance with clients’ requirements.

    Once the probation period is over, you will become a newbie basic writer. Depending on your performance, within just several months, you can make it to the Advanced or even TOP writer category and start earning considerably more money.

So what, are you ready to try yourself as an academic ghostwriter? Then glam up your resume, compose a nice cover letter, and send them to us! In the meantime, improve your knowledge of citation styles, practice speed writing, and reinforce learnings in your fields of proficiency. Good luck, and hopefully, we’ll be able to welcome you to our writing team really soon!

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