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Unlocking Inspiration: 100 Fresh Argumentative Essay Topics for Every Student

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A good argumentative essay keeps the reader engaged, encourages them to think critically, provides ample evidence for their review, and persuades them to see things from a new perspective. While it may not sound like an easy feat, following the standard essay format makes this task much easier.

Another thing that simplifies the whole step-by-step argumentative essay writing process is selecting a relevant and engaging topic to discuss. Good topics are those that spark your imagination as well as your reader’s. Topics that feel dull to you will also feel dull to your reader, whereas unique argumentative essay topics will feel fresh and captivating to you both.

While considering topics for your essay, dive deep into subjects that you are passionate about. You also need to determine if you can find enough credible evidence to include in your discussion before you begin writing. Lastly, look for subjects that are inherently controversial. This makes them very debatable and is sure to draw your reader in from the beginning.

To make the writing process even smoother for essay writers, we have created a detailed list of intriguing topics for you to choose from. As you explore the following topics, which are organized by category, make note of which ones catch your attention right away.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Here is our list of 100 argumentative essay topics that are sure to get your creative juices flowing:

Argumentative Essay Topics about Art

  1. Should controversial art installations be removed from public viewing?
  2. Is vandalizing famous works of art in the name of protest ever justified?
  3. Are minorities more accurately portrayed in classic versus modern works of art?
  4. Is abstract art real art or just a bunch of shapes and colors?
  5. Does art serve a purpose in society at large or is it only meant for wealthy people?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Business

  1. Should marketing campaigns be regulated by the government when their target audience is children?
  2. Is it unethical to outsource manufacturing to foreign countries where fair labor standards and safety practices are not in place?
  3. Should managers be held accountable for illegal practices conducted by their employees?
  4. Is sex sells an effective marketing strategy or just another way to objectify women?
  5. Do DEI strategies actually help businesses attract a more diverse group of employees?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Culture

  1. Is cultural appropriation a sign of disrespect or appreciation?
  2. Should celebrities be held responsible after making controversial political statements to the masses?
  3. Do popular hashtags, like #tradwife and #toxicmasculinity, illustrate the progression or regression of gender roles in society?
  4. Are mixed race individuals more likely to identify with one culture more than another?
  5. Is reality television an accurate portrayal of how a modern American thinks and behaves?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Education

  1. Have special education students become more successful academically as a result of inclusion policies?
  2. What is causing the overrepresentation of minorities in special education classrooms?
  3. Is restorative justice a reasonable alternative to traditional discipline for special education students?
  4. How does mainstreaming special education students affect general education students in those same classrooms?
  5. Do current special education laws help students find success academically and in life?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Environmental Studies

  1. What matters more: economic development or environmental conservation?
  2. Are population control measures a reasonable solution to the growing environmental crisis?
  3. What role should corporations take in promoting sustainability?
  4. Can pollution ever be remediated entirely?
  5. Is it possible to switch to using renewable energy only or will gas and oil lobbyists prevent that from ever happening?

Argumentative Essay Topics about History

  1. Is it right or wrong to remove statues of historical figures once erected?
  2. Were women simply overlooked in historical accounts or intentionally left out?
  3. Should schools place a greater focus on teaching oral history as a means of including marginalized perspectives?
  4. Is it possible to have positive outcomes that result from dark moments in history?
  5. Are African Americans owed reparations due to the United State’s history of slavery?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Human Rights

  1. Are human rights violations more likely to occur in economically disadvantaged communities?
  2. Is there a fundamental right to asylum for people of all demographics in the United States?
  3. Should all workers be guaranteed a living wage regardless of their skills and abilities?
  4. Will social and economic inequality always exist or is it possible to level the playing field?
  5. Is a worldwide pandemic a reasonable excuse for taking away the human rights of citizens?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Law

  1. Is the per-country immigration cap in the United States fair?
  2. What impact does an increase in illegal immigration have on society as a whole?
  3. What are the main factors influencing the rate of executions taking place in the state of Texas?
  4. Is the death penalty a fair and just consequence for taking someone’s life?
  5. Is a legal immigration status easier or more difficult to obtain than it was in the past?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Media and Social Media

  1. Does the media intentionally divide society in order to get ratings?
  2. Should social media platforms be held responsible for the fake news that gets spread among its users?
  3. Is social media more harmful to children, teens, or adults?
  4. Are modern media outlets truly unbiased like they once were?
  5. Do journalists amp up news events to tap into the emotions of viewers?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Medicine & Health

  1. Who should set the prices for prescription drugs, the government or the companies who created them?
  2. Are genetically modified foods beneficial to the body or a danger to the food system at large?
  3. What plays a bigger role in developing chronic illness, bad genetics or poor nutrition?
  4. Should mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios be set in hospitals?
  5. Is it right or wrong for nurses to participate in assisted suicide? What other considerations must be made when researching a nurse’s ideal role in patient care?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Philosophy

  1. Does free will actually exist?
  2. How can human suffering take place in the presence of a divine being?
  3. Is there a purpose to life or is it entirely meaningless?
  4. Is it possible for an individual to be equally good and evil?
  5. Can humans actually change or are they hardwired to be a certain way at birth?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Political Science

  1. Should governments intervene to protect human rights?
  2. Are economic sanctions an ethical tool in international relations?
  3. Is it right or wrong to sell arms to countries at war?
  4. Would the world be a better place if every country utilized the same political system?
  5. Is civil disobedience an individual’s duty in any democracy?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Psychology and Mental Health

  1. Is online therapy as effective as in-office therapy?
  2. Should mental health days be excused in school and work environments?
  3. Does a link exist between gender and mental health outcomes?
  4. Is modern society creating a population with Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
  5. Do certain parenting styles affect a child’s mental health long into adulthood?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Religion

  1. What influence does religious extremism have on global security?
  2. Should religious organizations continue to operate tax free?
  3. When is it okay for religious beliefs to influence public policy if ever?
  4. Do all religions point to the same God?
  5. Does religion affect one’s personal identity? If so, is the impact as big if religion was introduced in youth as opposed to adulthood?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Science

  1. Should the benefit to humans outweigh the harm to animals during scientific research?
  2. Is climate change really a dire situation or is it just part of the Earth’s cyclical nature?
  3. Will the advantages of biotechnology outweigh the disadvantages?
  4. Is it safe to produce vaccines quickly?
  5. Does space exploration produce enough findings to justify the cost?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Sociology

  1. Does looting businesses in inner city areas help or hurt the citizens who live there?
  2. In a society where free speech is valued, should hate speech be protected?
  3. Is social capital always a precursor to success?
  4. What is better for children, being raised by a happy single parent or unhappy parents who stay together for the kids?
  5. Did the #metoo movement completely restructure the way men and women interact?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Sports

  1. Should the gender pay gap in sports be addressed or should the revenue generated from sporting events set athletes’ wages?
  2. Is it fair or unfair to pay college athletes for their participation in a school’s sports program?
  3. Does participation in sports have a net positive or net negative impact on youth?
  4. Are extreme sports putting athletes at too much risk?
  5. Should athletes be disqualified from competing when they test positive for marijuana usage now that it’s legal in many states?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Technology

  1. Will AI make jobs obsolete or reshape the role humans play at work?
  2. Should AI be regulated by the government or used without governmental interference?
  3. Is it possible to eliminate AI bias or will it always be present since humans themselves are biased?
  4. Is it fair to hold people liable for copyright infringement when using AI to produce writing?
  5. Has technology made humans dumber over time and will AI continue this trend?

Controversial Topics

  1. Does a lack of attention by women give grounds for men to develop incel ideology?
  2. Can a transgender individual ever become the gender they identify with?
  3. Is the United States a more racist country now than it was in the past?
  4. Should abortion be considered fundamental healthcare?
  5. Should people be placed on the sex offender registry after peeing in public since they are, in fact, exposing themselves?

Funny Topics

  1. Is pineapple an acceptable topping on pizza or a revolting culinary choice?
  2. Are socks and sandals practical or a huge fashion faux pas?
  3. Should toilet paper be hung over or under?
  4. Does the five second rule actually keep you safe from germs?
  5. Can having resting bitch face actually keep you from getting a job or succeeding at school?

Argumentative Essay Writing

There are plenty of argumentative essay topics for students to choose from, but finding the right one is as easy as deciding which subject truly speaks to you. When you are passionate about a topic, that excitement flows into your words naturally and your reader will feel an emotional connection to the subject too. Remember, the purpose of an argumentative essay is to convince your reader to walk away with the same viewpoint as you, even choosing to take action in some circumstances. With that goal in mind, you are sure to write an effective argumentative essay that earns the grade you are looking for.

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