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Professional ENL editors
Professional ENL editors
Appropriate style and smooth flow
Appropriate style and smooth flow
Highly competent proofreaders
Highly competent proofreaders
Extraordinary fast delivery
Extraordinary fast delivery
Zero tolerance to errors
Zero tolerance to errors
Best value for your money
Best value for your money

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Editing is not the most enjoyable task for students. If you don’t like performing responsibilities of an editor for your own application essay and don’t want to face point deduction, you will benefit from our online essay editing service. We will make your essay stronger by tweaking its structure, tone, grammar, syntax, and word choice. If the following sounds familiar, you should make an order right now:

I have always struggled to properly edit my essays. When my papers are getting returned by professors, they are covered in red ink, which makes them look like a crime scene. Comments and corrections are always abound. Frankly, it’s discouraging.

The remark above has been left by one of our customers who, being tired of countless professor’s corrections, decided to use our essay editing help. And you know what? He liked it! The guy became our returning customer who relies on our services whenever there is a need to edit an essay or another type of academic paper (actually, with time, he went further and asked for help writing a literature review) And he's not alone. A large number of college and university students turns to our professionals to perfect their papers. Here, we transform average writing into crystal-clear and powerful prose. If you also dislike editing or don’t have time for it, avail yourself of our help!


Essay Editing: Is It Worth It?

Your essay is a spokesperson who speaks on your behalf to a professor. To maximize the impact of your message, it is imperative for your spokesperson to be a well-mannered, attractive, and articulate individual. When your essay is unedited, no matter how otherwise good it is, the professor will be appalled by it. They will perceive your paper as a poorly-dressed vulgarian who mumbles and bumbles eventually failing to make a point. So, yes, professional essay editing is really worth your money even if you don't actually need help writing college papers.

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How to Buy College Essay Editing Service

There’s no way around it – editing is an antidote to errors, typos, and other paper ills. If you would like someone to put your sentences in the proper order, improve the structure of your essay, and turn it into a well-formed piece of writing, hire our specialist – an editor and a proofreader in one. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Fill Out an Online Form

    Fill out a short form and attach your paper.

  2. Pay for Editing

    Use a payment system of your choice to cover services of an editor.

  3. Communicate with an Editor

    If there is something you would like to clarify with the editor, you can do so by writing them a message.

  4. Download the Edited Paper

    After your editor is done fixing errors and improving your paper, you can download it from our website.

You see how easy it is to improve your paper? So what is stopping you?
Get professional editing right now!

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Editing an Essay: How We Do It

When our editors are asked how they do their work, they often provide a facetious answer: “Line by line.” It’s a running joke in our editing department, and it also happens to be true. Our erudite editors carefully review each essay line by line and mark inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and errors. Then, they run through the essay for the second time and start repairing and polishing it. The editors smooth out rough sentences and sharpen dull ones. Sometimes changes are minor; however, when a case calls for it, they make substantive corrections. If an essay is ‘out of focus,’ they do everything they can to eliminate stylistic faults that obscure its meaning for the reader. It is their duty to eradicate anything that impedes reading; it is their work to make your essay work.

When editing your essay, our professionals will remove:

  • unbalanced sentence elements;
  • needless words;
  • extraneous punctuation;
  • typos;
  • subject-verb disagreements;
  • contractions;
  • and other errors.

Our editors will use their expertise to make your essay:

  • clear;
  • consistent;
  • precise;
  • authoritative;
  • persuasive;
  • engaging.

Pedagogical Value of Essay Proofreading Services

Many students pay for our service because of its pedagogical value. Two crucial steps in the development of college-level writing skills are the admission of one’s mistakes and learning from them. By tracking changes in an edited Word document, students can extract valuable lessons. Their writing progress quickly accelerates because they are shown how to take corrective actions necessary to turn their first draft into clear prose expected from a college student. When our customers work on their next essay, they know the potential problems to watch out for. Thus, after using our services for some time, students learn how to produce writing they can be proud of.

If you also want to learn how to avoid mistakes and elevate your writing, make an order right now!

Why Us

Are you wondering why you should choose our custom paper writing service over other companies? Do you want to find out why thousands of students regularly use our editing assistance?

  • Degree-Holding Editors

Our editors have graduated from bachelor’s and master’s programs. Some of them have even performed duties of an assistant teacher, which provided them with valuable experience of grading student homework. The greatest asset of our editors is the understanding of the intricate relationship between language and cognition. It means they are competent to edit essays on a wide range of topics.

  • Affordable Prices

We strive to deliver you premium editing services at affordable prices. That said, not only we can polish a piece composed by you but also save the day if you need help writing a paper from scratch.

  • Customer Service

A strong focus on customer service helps us find new ways of delivering value to you. We are here 24/7 to address your inquiries and ensure you are always satisfied. At PaperHelp, a customer is king.

  • 10-Year Experience

Having been in this business for more than a decade, we’ve amassed great experience. We know how to approach problem-solving in a manner utterly beneficial to your interests as a customer. A long record of success propels us forward and makes us stay true to our core values.

  • Light Speed Turnaround Time

The extensive experience of our editors allows them to turn your first draft into an impeccable essay in an extremely short time.

You know you can be better.
Dare to elevate your essay! Dare to earn a higher grade! Dare to succeed!

"Best Paper Editing Service!" What Customers Have to Say about Us

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Layon T.
I chose PaperHelp because of a broad range of writing and academic paper editing services they offer. First, they wrote a chapter of my coursework, then the abstract and then did papers editing. Both pieces were highly graded, so I got nothing to complain about.
order 741417467
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Bozhidar A.
I love writing, so crafting an essay is not an issue for me in terms of creativity. But grammar and style leave much to be desired. That's where paper editors online help comes in handy for me. Thank you for polishing my papers!
order 340061331
testimonials icon
Kelly E.
The background to my story is rather common: I ordered a compare & contrast essay from another service. It was so bad that even revisions didn't help much. The deadline was closing in, so I requested college paper editing services from the first company I googled, which happened to be PaperHelp. Was pleasantly surprised with the result – they completely transformed the original piece top to bottom. I totally recommend this online paper editing service for any student who needs to refurbish their writing fast.
order 698817204
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Arthur L.
Positive experience. I'm almost out of college, so needed really high-quality editing services for graduate students as I wanted an expert to have a look at the methodology chapter of my thesis. And I got everything I wished for at Thumbs up, five stars, superb and all other positive epithets!
order 498401333
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Jirani K.
Top-level service, recommended. One day my tutor said my written English was not enough to get necessary grade. He himself advised me to try companies that edit college essays for money. Paperhelp seemed most reliable so I tried them and do not regret this decision! Tutor accepted my paper because its idea was original and said that essay editor who worked on my paper did a great job ☺
order 699280324
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Monique V.
For me, PaperHelp is simply the best essay editing service out there. The way you re-structured my paper and smoothed the flow of the story is awesome. Worth every dollar spent. It worked great for me, it will work for anyone else, too.
order 648794497
testimonials icon
Harper H.
Don't know what about writing, but college essay editing services here are up to the mark. Add responsive customer and support managers and adequate prices, and you'd see the reason why they are so popular among students.
order 483302299
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