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Your earnings hide in our Referral Program!

Quick and easy is your way to go. Less is more when you give out discounts. Share your code with friends through social media, lay out your discount cards around campus, hang up posters, whichever works for you. Help others by helping them save and earn yourself. It pays to help.

You are a Perfect reseller!

You are all about talking to people and helping them out in detail. Order for them, guide them through the whole process, take a percentage for your work and help them get rid of homework anxiety.


Referral program

Give your 10% discount to friends and once their order is approved, receive 10% credit to use on your own orders.

Give your discount to friends
They get 10% off
You get 10% from what they pay

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The more you invite,
the more you earn!

5 friends - $25 reward

10 friends - $50 reward

20 friends - $100 reward

50 friends - $250 reward

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Reseller info

Take a percentage as your order-processing fee. This can be your first small or big start-up.

Help your friends by becoming their tutor:

  • order what they need,
  • clarify all the details,
  • get all the sources,
  • ask for any changes to be made,
  • provide wow service,
  • get the first experience for your resume!

Manage orders for a percentage of the cost.

As a reseller, you get:

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VIP extra free
free for a month to optimize your time
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Personal manager
to help your business, build a site, launch ads…
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