Take your credit card

Take the card that you used to place an order on our website.

All we need to see on your credit card are the last 4 digits and the Cardholder’s name.

Take your identity document

An identity document is any document that can authorize your personality, e.g. a driving license, passport, library card, student card, etc.

We only need to see your name and country on your ID.

Use your phone, camera or scanner to take photos of the documents.

Send us the pictures

Use email, or upload them directly to your section authorization in admin control panel
(, or send a fax. FAX: 1 - 800 - 776 - 46 - 43

That’s it. Your payment in now authorized!

Did you know?
This type of payment authorization is also used by:

What is account and payment authorization?

Why do my account and payment need to be authorized?

What documents should be provided?

What information will you need on my credit card?

What else do you need to see on my ID?

What happens to the information from my documents?

How can you be sure that I have provided the correct information?

How do you authorize these details?

What if I used someone else’s card?

I am not too comfortable with sharing my documents online. What should I do?

How safe is it to provide my personal details to

I don't think that authorization is necessary.

OK. I understand. How can I authorize my payment now?