How We Use Turnitin

What is Turnitin

Turnitin is a commercial plagiarism detection service used by schools, colleges, and universities to verify the academic integrity of their students. You can purchase a Turnitin report from us without the checked paper being stored in their database. It will remain unique even upon future scans.

Feel Safe Ordering Plagiarism Report from Turnitin

Upon your request, we can use Turnitin along with other plagiarism detection services we usually use. As we have a special access to this website, this allows a paper to be checked through their system again even after our initial scan. That way, even if a paper is uploaded to Turnitin for the second time, the plagiarism algorithms will not count the last submission done from our side. So, you can feel safe when ordering a plagiarism report scanned by Turnitin as an extra with

Our Guarantees

We guarantee that all assignments written by our writers are free from plagiarism. We know how important originality is, as it is the most crucial criteria for a quality paper.

We guarantee that there are no risks when we scan your paper through Turnitin as part of our optional extra. Instead, you get only benefits as it shows the results from the most trusted plagiarism software in the USA. Rest assured that you will get quality work from 100% of the time.

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