Personal statement on economic education

In the twenty first century, we are living in period whereby financial crises and mismanagement of the available resources are being inappropriately allocated and misused, leading to catastrophic financial outcomes in the economic world, and upon an unprecedentedly high rate. With the financial affairs gradually getting intertwined with the political arena, it calls for an in-depth understanding of the dynamics in the financial scene, as well as effective, concrete and long-lasting solutions to solve the financial crises engulfing the global scene today, in order to create a more robust economic system in the world we live in. This is the extrinsic motivating factor that has developed in me a desire to study BSc. Administration Accounting.

Having grown up with particular interest and close observation of the global market and the steady downwards trend in the global economy, I was intrigued by these changes, and out of this came the desire to change the curve from a downward to an upward trend, as well as help in acquiring a balanced optimum upon which people from various parts of the world can operate and carry out their economic activities at a level where they live above the basic needs’ timeline. At the same time, being brought up around intellectually engaging people, with a desire to keep up with the changing trends in the national and global economy was yet another motivating factor that developed in me an inner desire to study economics, finance and management, which is a three-strands’ thread upon which each discipline relies upon the other two.

Having held a BSc Administration (Accounting) and practiced it as an accountant in a mortgage company, the growing and changing economical patterns have triggered me towards seeking to study MSc Administration Accounting. This will not only equip me with sufficient knowledge necessary in the financial market, but also give me a clear perspective and a deeper insight on some of the sectors in finance that need a well laid out understanding. These sectors include portfolio management and financial statistics.

An MSc Administration Accounting from the University of Bath will boost my already equipped financial knowledge with a wider scope of the economics field, and will open a wider scope of platform for me, which will not be confined within the national level, but also the international platform. This will play a major role in assisting me to actualize my goal and dream, which entails and involves the provision of long-term, concrete solutions to the day to day financial and economic setbacks hitting various sectors of the world economy.

Lastly, an opportunity with the University of Bath will offer a platform through which I will interact with likeminded individuals whom we share common goals and visions. This is a good opportunity for students to academically interact, for instance, through exchange programs, to advance their knowledge from an open-minded perspective. My leadership and analytical skills will, also, go a long way in positively challenging and motivating other students. This is an essential contribution that will be necessary for application in a school setting, which will help in improving the institution’s students-teacher cohesion and relationship. Lastly, commitment is an essential virtue that should be consistently developed, and this will be portrayed through my active involvement in The University of Bath’s clubs and societies.