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At first, I couldn't believe it and thought there was definitely a catch somewhere. However, it is such a great way to earn some spare money. I promote codes via my Facebook and Twitter accounts and it takes me only several minutes a day. I chose the payment system I am used to and I am always sure of the payout, no matter what.Christian, Montana

Using the Paperhelp referral program really did help me earn an easy buck. I was awfully strapped for cash a couple of months ago, but then I found out about this method. Now I am sure of a steady income, at least it is good enough to pay some of my bills.Matthew, WI

This is almost too good to be true. Finally I don't have to worry about finding a part-time job, now I can help myself out with the money I earn here. It's easy to start, understandable and very time-saving. I actually feel blessed.Madlene, NJ

This referral program is the best solution for me. It's really cool how they understand exactly how things should be done. Applying is easy as pie, and getting new referrals is simple too, anyone can do this, even with no experience with referral programs.Alice, Idaho

Paperhelp has an awesome program! I was afraid I couldn't do it, but I needed no special skills to register and start earning. My parents were surprised that I stopped asking them to help me out with money. That feels great. And my friends thank me all the time for helping them lift that essay burden from their shoulders.Amy, KS

Paperhelp has never let me down. The referral program allows me to track how much I have earned for each person's orders, and withdraw the cash at my nearest ATM. I really appreciate the program they launched.Robert, VA

This is an awesome option, really. I don't have to strain myself about promoting Paperhelp: they already have great tips and ways to attract new referrals. All you have to do is use these ideas and convince your friends to try. After they make their first order, they will become fans immediately!Arthur, Memphis

I recommend Paperhelp to my friends, and I know I won't be embarrassed. That way, I fattened my wallet a lot within the previous weeks. I was astonished at how easy it all turned out to be. It's a shame I didn't find out about this referral program before.James, Nashville

I never thought that earning money could be that easy! My friends were really into ordering essays at Paperhelp because they were all almost out of time with their studies, so I was kind of a life saver for them. Anyway, at the end of the first month I was able to withdraw a small fortune from my account!Grace, Atlanta

This is such a reliable and smart way to earn money! I was too shy to recommend Paperhelp at first, but then I found the tips for better promotion and now I bring at least five people a week into the program and get cash for every one of them!Anthony, TX

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Payment system of your choice
Free tips to help you get started
Guaranteed 10% from each order of your referrals
User-friendly system to track your earnings
No initial investment required
Generous bonus system

How to start making money with us

Print out your code and share it in your college or dorm
Post the code to Facebook or Twitter
Email the discount to your friends personally
Post your codes anywhere on the web
Share the discount with friends via instant messengers
Hand out promotional leaflets with your code

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Here, you have a straightforward way to have a steady stream of passive income at your disposal.

We offer you an excellent opportunity to earn money on a regular basis without the pressure and restrictions of a full-time job. In terms of the effort/result ratio, our referral program offers outstanding payouts. In The money making strategy at basically revolves around the three key steps that secure effortless earnings for you.


It will take you only several clicks to JOIN the referral program. Once you sign up, you will need to confirm your email. On no conditions will it be disclosed to any third parties – we guarantee your complete confidentiality and safety.

Once you've located your code in your personal account, you will need to SHARE it so that others can place orders on the website. The more referrals order with us, the more money you will make. Keep inviting more people to earn more!

If you are new to the whole idea and are not sure about the best ways to share the code, we will gladly lend you a helping hand. Especially for this purpose, we have come up with some useful tips to get you going. Once you get the gist of the idea, your effectiveness will literally skyrocket. It can take a various amount of time for different people, but on average, the referral program will make sense for you in virtually no time. Trust us, you'll know that you're on the right track when your first referrals start making money for you!

The most coveted part of the whole process is your REWARD, which makes 10% of each order placed by your every referral. We offer a smart and transparent earnings control system with detailed statistics on your referrals and earnings. This way, you can evaluate how efficiently you've managed to share your code and how many people actually turned to us to have their papers written.

If you improve your skills, nothing will be able to keep you from that. In fact, you are very welcome to make more money by sharing your code both online and offline – there are no artificial limitations for your financial growth! Be creative and promote your codes among friends and acquaintances. In this case, the amount of your earnings actually depends on you more than on anything else. Be your own boss!

Joining the referral program is definitely a great idea if:

- you are good at networking and getting along with people;

- you would like to earn money regularly without having to commit yourself to a working schedule;

- you value flexibility and transparency as well as safety and security.

When it comes to withdrawing money from your account, you can be sure to receive everything to the last penny. With our referral program, there is no such thing as a delayed money transfer or other kinds of confusions. You will get what you have earned; furthermore, you are free to choose the preferred payment system (PayPal and WebMoney are featured, of course). Payments are performed once a month, within a fixed time corridor, so you can plan your expenditures ahead. Don't forget to provide your payment details 4 days prior to the payment date.

Joining is easy and FREE. Participating in the referral program is a proven way to independent income – a guaranteed way to support you at any period of your life. Try it today!